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Boat stabiliser in Montenegro: SMARTGYRO

SmartGyro stabilisers Montenegro

Rockstar Yachts is the exclusive dealer of SmartGyro boat stabiliser in Montenegro. We provide fast and reliable delivery, authorised stabiliser installation and official manufacturer’s warranty.

SmartGyro is considered to be the better and less costly alternative to Seakeeper. Our stabilizer models provide additional advantages like modular design and ease of maintenance. SmartGyro pushes the limits of technology to elevate the entire boating experience, eliminating boat roll up to 95% to make life’s richest moments more extraordinary!

SmartGyro model range consists of 4 models: SG20, SG40, SG60, and SG80. Please, take a look at each model in more detail below.

Smartgyro boat stabiliser models


Price: € 45.000 (ex-VAT)

For boats from 45 to 55 ft

The SG20 smartgyro stabilizer is designed for boats between 45-55 feet. Its modular construction allows for easy disassembly into three parts, providing installation options for vessels with limited access.


Price: € 73.500 (ex-VAT)

For boats from 50 to 60 ft

The SG40 smartgyro stabilizer is an affordable option for boats between 50-60 feet. It costs 30% less than the Seakeeper 9 and is perfect for new builds and refit installations. Boat owners can fully service it on-board the vessel without needing to lift it out for maintenance.


Price: € 88.500 (ex-VAT)

For boats from 55 to 65 ft

The SG60 SmartGyro stabilizer is a great option for boats between 55-65 feet. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into the vessel’s engine room, even in tight spaces. Its easy installation process allows boat owners to take advantage of its benefits without worrying about installation. Overall, the SG60 is an ideal choice for boat owners who want a reliable, space-saving gyro stabilizer.


Price: € 98.500 (ex-VAT)

For boats from 60 to 70 ft

The SG80 smartgyro stabilizer is a great option for boats between 60-70 feet. It’s currently a good alternative to the Seakeeper 16 and provides boat owners with a cost-effective option that still offers excellent performance. Its base frame can be broken down into four parts for easy installation through narrow access hatches, making it perfect for boat owners looking to refit their vessel.

About SmartGyro boat Stabiliser

At SmartGyro, we believe that the ultimate luxury is uninterrupted time on the water. That’s why we design our boat stabilizers to minimize not only unwanted movement, but also downtime during maintenance. Furthermore, we lead the way in onboard comfort, safety, reliability, and convenience. In addition, our advanced technology virtually eliminates boat roll, no matter the conditions. Boat owners can save time and money by fully servicing our stabilizers onboard, therefore, if you want to spend more time enjoying your favorite things in life – choose a SmartGyro stabilizer!

Seamless gyro stabiliser Installation

SmartGyro’s modular design allows the unit to be fully disassembled, creating new installation opportunities for vessels with limited access. The base frame can be broken down into four parts, allowing for installation through narrow access hatches, which makes refitting easier and more cost-efficient. Additionally, the unit’s compact dimensions make it easy to integrate into the vessel’s engine room, even in tight spaces. Overall, SmartGyro’s modular design and compact size make it a versatile and reliable option for boat owners looking to improve the stability and comfort of their vessel.