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SmartGyro SG20

Smartgyro SG20

SmartGyro SG20 is the gyro stabilizer for boats from 45 to 55 ft in length.

Due to a unique modular mechanical design, SmartGyro SG20 is ideal for refit installations and can be fully serviced on-board of the vessel without the need to lift out for maintenance. This ensures significant time and cost savings!

Priced at just € 41.500 (ex-VAT, ExW), which is 30% less than its nearest competitor, Seakeeper 6, SG20 provides perfect vessel stability combined with ease maintenance.


Maximum Rated speed9.500 RPM
Angular momentum at max. rated speed5.900 Nms
Anti-rolling torque at max. rated speed15.500 Nm
“Spool-up” time to max. rated speed55 minutes
“Spool-up” time to stabilization25 minutes (55% of rated speed)
Input voltage (AC)115V nominal
50/60 Hz, single phase

220V nominal
50/60 Hz, single phase
*sea state dependent
Input voltage (DC)12 Vdc
“Spool-up” AC power2.5 – 3.0 kW
Operating AC power1.5 – 2.5 kW *
DC power (“Spool-up” and operating)150 W (including display)
Sea water supply15 (min) – 30 (max) LPM
[4 (min) – 8 (max) GPM]
Operating temperature0 – 60 °C [32 – 140 °F]
Envelope dimensions0.76 x 0.77 x 0.65 m
[29.9 x 30.3x 25.6 in]
Gewicht495 kg [1091 lbs]
Noise output70 – 72 dBC @ 1 meter

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SmartGyro VIEW and Dimensions


Smartgyro SG20
SG20 – dimensions in mm


Smartgyro SG20
SG20 – dimensions in mm


Smartgyro SG20
SG20 – dimensions in mm