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The SCA series can be equipped with osmotic membranes up to a production of 440 Lt / h with four 31540 membranes. The RP TRONIC version includes the automatic pressure regulation system and the remote control panel.

This system can be supplied in 110VAC 60Hz – 230VAC 50Hz – 230VAC 60Hz – 380VAC 50Hz – 440VAC 60Hz.

The MODBUS standard protocol is installed on all the units and is compatible with BiBi and Part-NET Interface.



HP SCA 120

HP SCA 120

hp SCA 160

HP SCA 160

HP SCA 220

HP SCA 220

HP SCA 260

HP SCA 260

hp SCA 330

HP SCA 330

HP SCA 440

HP SCA 440

Compatible accessories


Automatic Membranes Conservation System (AMCS) is designed to maintain the membranes of the watermaker in perfect shape. AMCS works with our automatic flushing system for watermakers and with RP TRONIC automatic pressure regulation system.

Part-NET interface

HP Part-NET interface

We are proud to introduce the Part-NET interface – first user interface compatible with Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad, B&G, and Lowrance plotters in the world. HP watermakers is directly connected to the plotter via an RJ45 ethernet network cable and it is automatically recognized and displayed by the system. 

HP rp tronic

HP RP Tronic

RP TRONIC® is our most important invention, the one that made our name well renowned in the world of watermakers. It is the only real automatic system for watermakers. RP TRONIC® automatically regulates the watermaker’s pressure. RP TRONIC® objective is to make its users forget that they have a desalination plant on board.