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HP SCV DOUBLE (Vertical)

The name says it all. Each SC DOUBLE V watermaker features 2 independent SC watermakers inside the same body. They can work independently or together, in order to meet the user’s needs. The main difference with the normal DOUBLE series is that the DOUBLE V has been designed to be installed vertically (instead of the ordinary horizontal installation). This feature can make the difference in some cases, especially in narrow engine rooms where space is a problem.

Of all the advantages of having 2 independent watermakers, the most important is that it will be possible to keep producing fresh water even if one of the two watermakers is turned off (for instance, it happens in the case of maintenance).

Each SC DOUBLE V watermaker is fully compatible with RP TRONIC® and ready to become fully automatic. With the RP TRONIC® – WATERMAKER combination we invented the new concept of the watermaker working as a household appliance.

Available versions: Manual, Auto, RP TRONIC®
Power supply: 110V AC 60Hz – 230V AC 50Hz – 230V AC 60Hz – 380V AC 50Hz – 440V AC 60Hz
Fresh water production: 260 – 880 L/h



HP SC Double v 400

HP SC Double V 400

HP SC Double v 540/4

HP SC Double V 540/4

HP SC Double v 660/6

HP SC Double V 660/6

HP SC Double v 880/8

HP SC Double V 880/8

Compatible accessories



BiBi is the first user friendly interface for watermakers, compact easy to install and ready to communicate, covered by 4 years warranty. BiBi allows the user to access any watermaker‘s functions and data logs from the internet (first in the history) – Only if installing modbus/canbus protocol and port.

Part-NET interface

HP Part-NET interface

We are proud to introduce the Part-NET interface – first user interface compatible with Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad, B&G, and Lowrance plotters in the world. HP watermakers is directly connected to the plotter via an RJ45 ethernet network cable and it is automatically recognized and displayed by the system. 

HP rp tronic

HP RP Tronic

RP TRONIC® is our most important invention, the one that made our name well renowned in the world of watermakers. It is the only real automatic system for watermakers. RP TRONIC® automatically regulates the watermaker’s pressure. RP TRONIC® objective is to make its users forget that they have a desalination plant on board.



Automatic Membranes Conservation System (AMCS) is designed to maintain the membranes of the watermaker in perfect shape. AMCS works with our automatic flushing system for watermakers and with RP TRONIC automatic pressure regulation system.