If you want to stand out, you need only to hold fast to what you are. Each line, shape and interior space of Fiart boats has been conceived to retain its elegance and character of time. These boats are not only designed to please the eye, but to go straight to your heart.

in Montenegro

From 2020, Rockstar Yachts exclusively represents Fiart in Montenegro.

There is a place in the Bay of Pozzuoli that is not only a dockyard. It’s a place where engineers and shipwrights, brilliant minds and skillful hands come together. Love for the sea is what they share. It’s a place devoted to creation, inventiveness and challenge. This place is called Fiart.

Fiart 60

We tried to create the ideal yacht, the result was the Fiart 60. We realised that there is no one universal idea of perfection, we all have our own concept of it.

Fiart 52

The dazzling sunset on a sunny afternoon on the crystal waters of the Mediterranean will be the second most beautiful sight once aboard the 52.

Fiart 47

We knew that you can’t imitate a great, so we decided to create a new one.The 47 is the yacht for those seeking a legendary experience.

Fiart 44

Unlike the sea, the 44 assumes the shape of its content: you. Everything is tailor-made for you. The result is a champion able to offer you an unrivaled experience!

Fiart 43 SeaWalker

For years, we have been studying the sea, scrutinizing its motions, and listening to the waves that keep it constant or change it completely. The 43 SeaWalker is what emerged from our very in-depth investigation.

Fiart 40 Genius

Those who spend their life gazing at the horizon never stop going beyond it. This is what led us to create the 40 Genius. A no-frills yacht all about design, style and substance go hand in hand.

Fiart 34 Genius

We do not like compromises: it is all about innovation with the 34 Genius technology, which offers a unique navigation experience and an attractive design while maintaining exceptional performance for a boat of its kind.

Fiart 33 SeaWalker

The yacht with the ability to enhance the wind’s embrace on your face. Here is the concept behind the 33 Seawalker, a range that breaks the traditional rules of luxury by paying homage to simplicity with its minimal and welcoming design.