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HP Watermakers

If you are looking for boat watermaker in Montenegro, we can offer full model range of Italian HP Watermakers!

Rockstar Yachts is the exclusive dealer of HP Watermakers in Montenegro. We provide fast and reliable delivery, authorized watermaker installation and official manufacturer’s warranty.




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HP SC Watermaker

SC watermakers are extremely versatile and perfect not only for boats, but also for houses and hotels. Only the best components and materials were used. The smart, compact design makes it also very easy to install.

hp v series

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hp v series watermaker

The V series keeps all the most important features of the SC series. The only difference is that the V has been designed to be installed vertically (instead of the ordinary horizontal installation).

hp genius

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hp genius watermaker

At HP we aim to provide a solution for all water needs where seawater is the only available water. Our WATER DISPENSER is directly connected to the water distribution network and produces cold and/or sparkling water. In order to use the WATER DISPENSER on board, users will have to install also an UV STERILIZER. Nevertheless, if WATER DISPENSER will be installed at home, sterilization will not be obligatory.


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hp genius watermaker

The SCA series can be equipped with osmotic membranes up to a production of 440 Lt / h with four 31540 membranes. The RP TRONIC version includes the automatic pressure regulation system and the remote control panel.


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The name says it all. Each SC DOUBLE watermaker features 2 independent SC watermakers inside the same frame. They can work independently or together, in order to meet the user s need.

hp scv double vertical

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The name says it all. Each SC DOUBLE V watermaker features 2 independent SC watermakers inside the same body. The main difference with the normal DOUBLE series is that the DOUBLE V has been designed to be installed vertically.

hp sc double x-cube

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The SC DOUBLE X-CUBE series has all the main features of the SC DOUBLE: best materials, best components, best manufacture, 2 independent watermakers inside the same frame. The main difference is the quantity of fresh water it can produce, which is by far higher.

hp sc kit

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For the premium modular series SC KIT we have used only the best components and materials.
As for the more economic [Kit Eco series], SC KIT watermakers are modular, which means that they are the ideal solution in case of little space on board.

hp kit eco

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KIT ECO series watermakers are great for anyone with little space on board. These are our most economic modular plants, which by the way still have high-quality components. 

hp sc eco

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SCE is the most economic series. However, it is not less efficient than the others. SCE watermakers are fully manual and are the best choice for those who is looking for a reliable and economic watermaker.


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GROUND SERIES is specifically designed to be installed on land and to produce a large quantity of water. These watermakers can produce up to 10 tons of water per hour, using seawater at 35.000 ppm TDS.

interface and additional systems

hp demi 5

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DEMI 5, the brand new portable water softener, is perfect for the cleaning of any type of smooth surface, without the need of drying them after the use. 

hp part net interface

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We are proud to introduce the Part-NET interface – first user interface compatible with Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad, B&G, and Lowrance plotters in the world. HP watermakers is directly connected to the plotter via an RJ45 ethernet network cable and it is automatically recognized and displayed by the system. 


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BiBi is the first user friendly interface for watermakers, compact easy to install and ready to communicate, covered by 4 years warranty. BiBi allows the user to access any watermaker‘s functions and data logs from the internet (first in the history) – Only if installing modbus/canbus protocol and port.


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HP MWT is the brand new marina water treatment system using reverse osmosis membranes, that bring TDS and total hardness to very low levels, protecting all system s that use fresh water from limescale, and allowing a no-spots effects on all the surfaces. 


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HP MWT BASIC is the brand new marina water treatment system using reverse osmosis membranes, that bring TDS and total hardness to very low levels, protecting all systems that use fresh water from limescale, and allowing a no-spots effects on all the surfaces.

hp ground container

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HP has designed a system composed by indipendent units producing 3.6 cubic meter per hour each. The single unit is designed to work indipendently for 24 hours a day, using seawater with 35.000 mg/l TDS at 25°C. The water produced will be characterized by a residual salinity between 500 and 1000 ppm TDS. There will be no more organic big molecular substances, as viruses, bacteria and pyrigen agents.


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Automatic Membranes Conservation System (AMCS) is designed to maintain the membranes of the watermaker in perfect shape. AMCS works with our automatic flushing system for watermakers and with RP TRONIC automatic pressure regulation system.


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RP TRONIC® is our most important invention, the one that made our name well renowned in the world of watermakers. It is the only real automatic system for watermakers. RP TRONIC® automatically regulates the watermaker’s pressure. RP TRONIC® objective is to make its users forget that they have a desalination plant on board.

About HP watermakers

HP watermakers are 100% Made in Milano.

From the design to the final factory test, all the processes are carefully checked by the technical team.

Part-NET Interface

HP Watermakers is the first and only worldwide company having interfaced with Part-NET its own full automatic watermakers directly to all MFD plotters available on the market.

Water Package

HP Watermakers provides a complete on board water treatment package. Advanced solutions for the marina water loafing, desalination and purified water distribution directly to the tap