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SmartGyro SG80

SmartGyro SG80 Montenegro

SmartGyro SG80 is the gyro stabilizer for boats from 60-70 ft in length.

Ideal for both new builds and refit installations, this boat stabilizer can be fully serviced on-board the vessel without the need to lift out for maintenance, ensuring significant time and cost savings! The base frame of SG80 can be broken down into four parts to allow for installation through narrow access hatches, making refitting easier and more cost-efficient!

Priced at € 92.000 (ex-VAT, ExW), which is 30% less than the Seakeeper 16, its nearest competitor, SG80 provides perfect vessel stability combined with the ease of maintenance!

SmartGyro SG80 Technical Specifications

Maximum Rated speed5.500 RPM
Angular momentum at max. rated speed15.400 Nms
Anti-rolling torque at max. rated speed30.100 Nm
“Spool-up” time to max. rated speed45 minutes
“Spool-up” time to stabilization25 minutes (55% of rated speed)
Input voltage (AC)220V nominal
50/60 Hz, single phase
Input voltage (DC)24 Vdc
*sea state dependent
“Spool-up” AC power4.9 kW
Operating AC power2.4 – 4.0 kW *
DC power (“Spool-up” and operating)220 W (including display)
Sea water supply15 (min) – 30 (max) LPM
[4 (min) – 8 (max) GPM]
Operating temperature0 – 60 °C [32 – 140 °F]
Envelope dimensions1.08 x 1.11 x 0.87 m
[42.4 x 43.7 x 34.3 in]
Weight980 kg [2160 lbs]
Noise output62 – 64 dBC @ 1 meter

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SmartGyro SG80 VIEW and Dimensions


Smartayro SG80
SG80 – dimensions in mm


Smartayro SG80
SG80 – dimensions in mm


Smartayro SG80
SG80 – dimensions in mm